Cast Information Form

Please provide us with a CURRENT email address that actor and parent both check daily. 

We use email to get in touch with you for major updates and rehearsal information.

Production Fee

Actors under 18 are expected to pay a $50 production fee in order to participate. 

Please indicate how you wish to pay this fee, or select "not applicable".

Script Deposit

All actors are expected to pay a $25 REFUNDABLE script deposit.  Once your script is returned to the theatre, cleanly erased and without damage, this fee will be returned to you in full.

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, please list below the appropriate emergency contact, hospital preference (if any) and any medications, allergies, or conditions you would like for us to be aware of.  This information is considered confidential and will be maintained by theatre staff for use in an emergency only.

Waiver and Release 

To be filled out by parent/guardian for actors under 18 years of age.

In consideration of the opportunity to participate in this production presented by Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts, I (we) release and discharge Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts and its Officers, Directors, and Agents of and from any claims, demands, liability, or damage arising from the participation of myself or my child
in this production.  My child's photograph or likeness or my photograph or likeness may be used in publicity for this production or any other publicity, brochure, printed or digital material for Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts.

By clicking the checkbox below, I acknowledge my acceptance of this waiver and release, and agree that selecting the checkbox has the same effect as a physical signature.

Online Fee Payment

Please select which fee(s) you wish to pay by credit card at this time.  If not applicable, simply leave this selection blank and click "submit".

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