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School of Theatre FAQs

My child does not have school today, is there still class?

Yes! Even when there may be scheduled school breaks and holidays, oftentimes we still have classes at the playhouse. You can always check our calendar to make sure we are meeting.


There was bad weather, how will I know if we are having class?

Many times poor weather affects the earlier hours of the day (especially for the morning rush of school and work). Typically most poor weather that happens earlier in the day has been resolved by the time we meet for class as roads have been cleared, etc. Should poor weather pose a problem later in the day, we will email or text you with any changes. If the Town of Matthews closes the Community Center, we have no choice but to be closed.


My child is not feeling well, what are your sick policies?

Please do not send a child to class who is ill. Fevers, stomach aches, congestion, cough are all reasons to stay home. We cannot risk getting an entire class or cast sick. We will make sure that all pertinent information from class is available on the School of Theatre Portal.


We need to quarantine because of a COVID 19 exposure or positive case. Now what?

If you were in class within a couple of days of your exposure or positive test, please notify us so that we can notify those who were in contact with you. Also, if you are in quarantine, please do not return to class until that time has ended or you have a negative test result.


I’m going to be late arriving to class or being picked up from class. What should I do?

Call the office at 704-846-8343 to let us know that you will be late. We can be sure to have someone waiting to welcome you to class, and/or waiting for you to be picked up. We ask that late arrivals and pickups be kept to a minimum. We charge $1 per minute (payable in cash only) for late pickups.


How do auditions work for School of Theatre productions?

Auditions will be held in early February 2022 for our productions. Everyone who has been in class will have a place in a show. Both productions need various ages, voice types and abilities, so please do not assume that all roles will automatically go to more advanced or older students. It takes everyone to produce a great performance!


How do rehearsals work for the SOT productions?

Once a cast has been set, a rehearsal schedule will be created based on actor availability. If you have too many conflicts, it may impact your chance for a larger role. Not all actors are called to all rehearsals, but you will be asked to come on multiple days of the week including weekends. The production timeline is short so we try to make the most of it. Families should plan to set aside those weeks of rehearsal without many other commitments.


I need help registering, what do I do?

Please call the office at 704-846-8343. We fully recognize that sometimes online systems just don’t like to cooperate. Many times we are able to help you by registering you from our end of the system. When you call, please have your payment ready so that we can help in a timely manner.


I want to volunteer, who do I contact?

We have a volunteer coordinator who would love to get you involved! Please contact us at to learn more. 


Can anyone audition for season shows at Matthews Playhouse?

Yes! Our audition calls are open to everyone! We often have specific ages or vocal parts that we are looking for, so please check the cast list to see where you might fit. We strive to produce quality shows for our community and that includes YOU! 


What does the production fee cover?

We charge an extra production fee to help us to cover the costs of costumes, royalties and rights to perform the show, additional production staff such as the stage manager, choreographer, director, set designer, carpenters, etc.

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