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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Matthews Playhouse is committed to modeling diversity, equity and inclusion for the entire arts industry of the nonprofit sector 
and maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all. The following policies were adopted by our Board of Directors in May 2021. Every artist, volunteer, staff member and board member is required to accept and adhere to these 

HouseNotAHome - 131.jpg

A House Is Not A Home, 2023
Photo Courtesy of Tom Henderson Photography

Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion initiative is important to our organization as it enables Matthews Playhouse to:

  • Grow employee satisfaction with the organization and develop cultural competence by supporting and involving staff in the initiative.

  • Expand theatre awareness among the diverse and underserved communities in the area by promoting productions and developing programs/services geared towards these populations.

  • Increase cast diversity by expanding auditions to communities, developing local and national partnerships with diverse organizations, and looking for talent outside the theater arena.

  • Provide the theatre experience to pockets of people who may not otherwise have access to it.

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