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When you make a donation to Matthews Playhouse, you create opportunities to touch people in appreciable ways because your donation helps bring stories to life… Stories that are seen, heard, felt, and experienced with performances that can bring tears to your eyes, with music that can make your heart soar and with costumes, lighting, and sets that can transport you to other times and places! It is ALL available at Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts.

The Wizard of Oz, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Evan Kinsley


Support Matthews Playhouse

Click the "donate" button to make a one-time or recurring donation to any one of our three funds. 

The General Fund

We rely on the kindness of our supporters to help ensure a margin of excellence in all of our programming.  Our income on classes, camps, and shows is not enough to ensure that quality arts programming remains available and affordable to the greater Matthews area.  

Become A Recurring Donor

We depend on the support of our community to provide the level of programming and quality that Matthews Playhouse is known for. Recurring donors pledge to give annually to Matthews Playhouse's general fund. Each gift level, starting at just $50, comes with benefits that our supporters can enjoy throughout the year. You can feel good that you are making a difference for the arts in our community. Email for information! 

Our Scholarship Funds

The Courtney Leigh Ballard Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund gives children the opportunity to participate in classes and summer camps at Matthews Playhouse. Twice a year, we award scholarships based on financial need.  We pride ourselves on never having to turn away a child from camps or classes due to an inability to pay.

The Sponsor-A-Student Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund provides the opportunity for children from Title I Schools to attend a live theatre performance at Matthews Playhouse with their class or grade level.  This has had a huge impact over the past decade in providing meaningful arts experiences to children in our surrounding school systems.

If you prefer, you are always welcome to mail a check or money order rather than donating online.
Please indicate what fund you would like to donate to, and provide us with a return address so we can send you a donation tax letter.

MAIL TO: Matthews Playhouse • 100 E McDowell St • Matthews, NC 28105

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