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Sensory-Friendly Performances

We believe that theatre should be accessible to all!


Matthews Playhouse is a community based non-profit theater committed to enriching the lives of children, adults, and families by inviting them to participate in the world of performing arts and education. As a part of this commitment,​ Matthews Playhouse is committed to offering at least one performance in our Mainstage season to accommodate the needs of audience members on the autism spectrum and/or with a cognitive or developmental disability. Some of the features in our Sensory Friendly performances include:

  • Lower sound and light levels. 

  • A guide to warn audience members of potentially startling or loud sounds. 

  • Dim lighting in the seating area that will remain on for the duration of the performance. 

  • Designated quiet and calm spaces for audience members to utilize as needed.

  • Permission for audience members to stand, roam around, and come and go as needed. 

  • Audience members are also welcome to bring certain items that provide comfort (cushions, headphones, electronics, snacks, and other support items).

Rainbow Fish, 2022
Photo Courtesy of Tom Henderson Photography

RainbowFish22 - 036.jpg

Check back for our 2024-2025 Sensory-Friendly Performances

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