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9 Ways Your Child Will Benefit from Performing Arts Camps & Classes at Matthews Playhouse

Enrollment is well underway for the annual Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts Summer Camp, a beloved program cherished by children and families alike. Since launching in 1995, Summer Camp at Matthews Playhouse has grown into one of the largest performing arts camps in the region. “Performing Arts camps and classes encourage kids to work together as a team, which boosts self-esteem and encourages fun, laughter and meaningful interactions with fellow campers and instructors they will always treasure,” says  Matthews Playhouse Executive Director, Sarah Baumgardner. 

Here are nine reasons why parents may want to consider enrolling their children in a performing arts camps this summer: 

#1- The Performing Arts Help to Build a Child’s Confidence and Self Worth

Multiple studies have linked a background in performing arts to more confidence and a greater sense of self-awareness in children. Through regular practice, performances, and constructive feedback from instructors and peers, children can build confidence in themselves and their abilities. “Participating in theatre and taking classes gave me a sense of my place in the world,” says Baumgardner. “It opened my eyes to different stories, people, opportunities, and ideas that I might not have otherwise known existed. My experience in lessons, classes, and in productions shaped me into the person that I am today, and I am proud of the adult that I have become.”

#2- The Performing Arts Help to Develop Valuable Communication Skills

When a child is rehearsing and/or performing, they are more likely to pay attention to their speech, diction, and choice of words. “Kids who study theatre have unique access to language benefits, including better use of language, story comprehension, creative writing skills, and reading skills,” says American Theatre magazine. In performing arts camps, children learn how to effectively communicate ideas, emotions, and stories through their performances. They also develop active listening skills as they collaborate with other campers and instructors. 

#3 Performing Arts Camp Encourages Creative Thinking 

Children who take theatre camps and classes are often inspired to explore their creativity through various forms of expression such as acting, singing, dancing, and improvisation. Engaging in these activities can help children develop their imagination and creative thinking skills.

#4 The Performing Arts Teaches the Value of Teamwork and Collaboration

Many activities related to the arts require teamwork and collaboration. Children learn to work together with their peers, respect each other's contributions, and collectively strive towards a common goal, such as putting on a successful performance.

#5- Children Practice Discipline and Focus

It takes a great deal of discipline, dedication, and focus to learn and mastering skills in theatre, music and dance. Whether it's memorizing lines, choreography, or musical scores, participating in performing arts activities can improve children's memory retention and recall abilities. “From a very young age, theatre taught me how to prepare for and engage an audience,” says Baumgardner. “As a result, I am more comfortable speaking in public and presenting at conferences, large and small groups, religious groups, advisory boards and more.” Children learn the importance of practice, persistence, and attention to detail, which can be valuable traits applicable in various aspects of their lives.

#6- Fosters a Love for the Arts & Cultural Appreciation

Exposure to different forms of the arts introduces children to diverse cultures, traditions, and perspectives. This can foster an appreciation for the arts and a greater understanding of the world around them.

#7 Provides an Emotional Outlet for Children 

Performing arts provide children with a constructive outlet to express their emotions and feelings. They can channel their energy into creative activities, which can be particularly beneficial for children who may struggle with verbal expression.

#8 Teaches Problem-solving Skills

In rehearsals and performances, children often encounter challenges and obstacles that require quick thinking and problem-solving. Learning to adapt and find solutions in real-time helps develop critical thinking skills.

#9 Performing Arts Summer Camps are FUN! 

Ultimately, performing arts camps offer children an opportunity to have fun, make new friends, and create lasting memories. Most kids probably won’t remember the experience of sitting at home staring at a screen as well as they will remember that special opportunity to “shine” on stage in front of friends and family. The joy of performing and the sense of accomplishment from mastering new skills can contribute to a positive overall experience.

About Matthews Playhouse Summer Camp

Summer Camp at Matthews Playhouse is designed to provide children and teenagers with a unique opportunity to explore the world of performing arts, enhance their creative skills, and build lasting friendships. The summer camp staff is made up of professional actors, directors, musicians, choreographers, theatre educators and former School of Theatre students who are back to pass along what they have learned to the next generation. The camp curriculum includes a diverse range of activities, from acting and singing to dancing and behind-the-scenes technical work, ensuring a well-rounded and immersive experience for participants.

With themed camps for ages 4–18 years old, children can participate in full or half-day camps during the months of June, July, and August!  Spaces are filling up FAST, so register today

About the Matthews Playhouse

The Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts is a community-based non-profit theatre committed to enriching the lives of children, adults, and families by inviting them to participate

in the world of performing arts and education. We commit to this mission by ensuring the excellence of our cultural programs for the participation and enjoyment of the people in our community.

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