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Ready for Tech Week!

Seussical, the highly anticipated musical at Matthews Playhouse, opens February 24, 2023! Here's a glimpse into what is happening behind the scenes.

Photo @ Jessie Hull

It's almost "Tech Week" for our mainstage production of Seussical, opening Friday, February 24, 2023! Final touches are being added to the bright, whimsical set that has been carefully crafted and built over the last few weeks, the light and sound cues are being fine-tuned, costume adjustments are being made for nearly 50 actors, and so much more!

The 2 casts of Seussical have been hard at work since mid-January and their regular rehearsal period is about to transition into what is known as "Tech Week", when all of the technical elements finally come together and bring the production to life! What audiences don't see are the hard-working, creative members of the production team who have been working on perfecting their visions for months.

We'd like to give a big shout out to those who are working behind the scenes to add magic to this production that is sure to delight audience members of all ages. Audiences may never see them on stage, but their hard work and imaginations will certainly be on full display when Seussical opens next week!

Director/Musical Director - Sarah Baumgardner

Assistant Director/Lead Carpenter- Hunter Stilwell

Choreographer- Emily Hunter

Stage Manager- Jessie Hull

Assistant Stage Manager- Maddie Nivens

Scenic Designer- Martin Wolff

Lighting Designer- Jeffrey Childs

Sound Designer/Engineer- Neifert Enrique

Costume Designer - Lisa Altieri

Props Designer- Ginny Hull

Costume Coordinator- Hannah Snyder

Dance Captains- Seth Yarman & Lauren Berkley

Scenic Charge Artist -Zack Distel

Scene Shop Staff - Will Elliott, Lynzi Cooke, Ali Griffen

Backstage Crew - Faith Simpson

Wardrobe Crew - Alexandra Corbett

Photo @ Shelby Annas

Photo @ Shelby Annas

Media Appearances!

Earlier this week, two Seussical cast members were invited to be guests on WBTV News!

The WBTV staff and news anchor John Carter could not have been more gracious as he interviewed Winston Sims (Cat in the Hat - Green Eggs and Ham cast) and Tristan Nogueira (Horton the Elephant in the Star Bellied Sneetches cast). Thanks to Winston, Tristan and the entire WBTV staff for a delightful experience! You can catch the full interview here.

Tickets and show information for Seussical are available at


  • Friday, February 24th @ 7:30pm (Green Eggs and Ham Cast)

  • Saturday, February 25th @ 2:00pm (Green Eggs and Ham Cast)

  • *Saturday, February 25th @ 6:00p (Green Eggs and Ham Cast)​

    • Pay What You Can Performance- Click here for more information​

  • Sunday, February 26th @ 2:00pm (Star Bellied Sneetches Cast)​

  • Friday, March 3rd @ 7:30pm (Star Bellied Sneetches Cast)

  • *Saturday, March 4th @ 11:00am (Star Bellied Sneetches Cast)

    • *The 11:00am performance on March 4, 2023 is a Sensory Friendly Performance.​

  • Saturday, March 4th @ 2:00pm (Star Bellied Sneetches Cast)

  • Sunday, March 5th @ 2:00pm (Green Eggs and Ham Cast)


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