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Cast of The Rainbow Fish Musical is Announced!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

MPH is happy to announce that our upcoming show Rainbow Fish the Musical (based on the beloved children's book by Marcus Pfister) has been cast and rehearsals are underway! Performance dates for this musical are Feb. 25 thru March 6. With its sparkling costumes, playful and colorful "under-the-sea" set design and fun musical numbers, this show will charm both parents and children alike! And the lessons for the little ones on friendship and belonging, and how the joy to be found in beauty is in sharing it with others, are to be cherished and remembered always. Purchase your tickets NOW for The Rainbow Fish Musical!

Main Cast

Adi Callaghan: Rainbow Fish

Kaylee Phillips: Little Fish

Amanda Mooney: Starfish

Randi Seffinger: Octopus

Justice Thomas: Pufferfish

Riley Schauer: Clownfish

Tatum Moxley: Sardine

Nick Morris: Hermit Crab

Shelby Annas: Miss Minnow


Lydia Baumgardner

Rachel Helms

Cameron Sweeney

Julia Vanella

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