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Celebrating the Women of Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Pictured above: June Bayless- MPH Founder & Executive Advisor. Sarah Baumgardner- Managing Director, Cassie Prodan- Production Manager, Marie Michele Darcy- Administrative Manager, Jessie Hull – Administrative Asst. & Stage Manager, Gretchen White- Accountant, Marisa Becker- Summer Camp Coordinator, Amy Pearre Dunn - Marketing Associate

Did you know that March is Women's History Month? As we reflect on the many contributions and sacrifices women have made throughout history, it’s important to celebrate the extraordinary women who have made history in our own communities - including right here at Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts (MPH)!

Since its inception by MPH founder June Bayless in January 1995, Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts has been driven in large part by women. What began as a vision to create a safe and supportive theatre community for children in the Matthews area, has evolved into one of the top performing arts organizations in the Charlotte area - with a full season of mainstage productions featuring both adult and child actors, and a year-round School of Theatre program with classes and summer camps taught by theatre professionals and educators that has served thousands of children.

Today, Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts is still going strong despite changes in our community, along with a global pandemic that ultimately forced multiple arts organizations to close. This achievement is due in part to the women who make up the current MPH staff and Board of Directors, along with the extraordinary support staff, volunteers, performers, educators, artists, musicians, parents and many more who have contributed so much richness to our community!

Hats off to women in theatre!

Matthews Playhouse Administrative Staff

June Bayless- MPH Founder & Executive Advisor

Sarah Baumgardner- Managing Director

Cassie Prodan- Production Manager

Marie Michele Darcy- Administrative Manager

Jessie Hull – Administrative Asst. & Stage Manager

Gretchen White- Accountant

Marisa Becker- Summer Camp Coordinator

Amy Pearre Dunn - Marketing Associate

MPH Board of Directors

President - Alissa Hammersmith

Vice President - Lara Correll

Treasurer - Lisa Ulanow

Secretary - Michelle Armas

At-Large Members- Susan Reif, Stephanie Schmitt, Kristen Laatz, Addie Rising, Amanda Mooney and Lynda Webster

Matthews Playhouse is a community-based non-profit theatre committed to

enriching the lives of children, adults, and families by inviting them to participate

in the world of performing arts and education. We commit to this mission by ensuring the excellence of our cultural programs for the participation and enjoyment of the people in our community.

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