Matthews Playhouse's 25 Days of Thankfulness

The following article first appeared in The Mint Hill Times on December 2, 2020 Written by Jessica Mentzer

CHARLOTTE – What are you thankful for? Each one of us has many things to be thankful for, and the Matthews Playhouse presented the community with one of the most interesting ways to be able to share them with others. COVID has changed how we learn, shop, work, and interact with our friends and family. Actually, the list could go on and on, but being able to still show thankfulness during this time of the year was very important to the playhouse.

What started as an idea from Board Member Volunteer Debbie Messner, who has been participating at the Matthews Playhouse for a few years, soon became a vision that seemed fitting for the year of 2020. The playhouse believes that it takes a village to be able to do what they have a chance to do for the community. They are able to provide citizens with youth education programs and community-at-large public shows.

At the playhouse, the staff is a small group, so they heavily rely on the board members and volunteers to be able to accomplish all that they do. As the pandemic hit, the staff realized that the resources that they provide to the community and services they receive from the community were going to be greatly affected during the entire health crisis. The top priority – and greatest challenge – of the playhouse was to make sure that they always remain engaged and relevant in the community and are providing entertainment for people of all ages. As they were faced with the COVID crisis, they then needed to decide how were they going to make sure that was still going to happen.

That’s when the idea of the 25 Days Of Thankfulness was born. Amazingly, the idea brought together acknowledgment of their thankfulness and affirmation of the local community. Their social media presence was the perfect medium for this project. The project supported the spirit of involvement from the community and brought those together who support the Matthews Playhouse. On November 1, Matthew’s Playhouse started their first day of thankfulness, and each day they posted what they were thankful for. Since it is the 25th anniversary of the playhouse they thought it was only fitting that they do the engagement for 25 days.