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National Arts & Humanities Month

October is National Arts & Humanities Month - Launched by Americans for the Arts more than 30 years ago, it is a month-long opportunity to celebrate how the arts and humanities impact the communities in which we live, work and play.

The ARTS have played a critically important role in helping to get us through COVID-19 pandemic. American for the Arts have established goals that many small organizations, such as MPH, have chosen to prioritize and honor. Some of these goals that MPH have chosen to focus upon include:

--advancing equitable access to the performing arts to underserved communities (via our Scholarship Programs)


--encouraging diverse communities to participate and engage with MPH with its outreach and partnerships with non-profit groups and organizations in the greater Matthews region.

Given the above, MPH is grateful for the Township’s recognition of National Arts & Humanities Month via its recent proclamation by Mayor John Higdon (you can read the full proclamation here (the file will download and open as a PDF):

proc - Arts & Humanities Month 2021
Download PDF • 686KB

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