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Playwright Spotlight: Rory Sheriff

As a world traveler, Rory attributes his time in the U.S. Army, and the experiences he gained by living in various cities and countries, as the catalyst for his broad perspective on life, love and adventure. Often penning his thoughts just as a means of expression, in doing so, Rory discovered his first passion for poetry and creative written expression. Simple thoughts inspired by life soon were cultivated into notebooks full of lyric prose, influenced by the works of authors and playwrights such as James Baldwin, Zora Neale Hurston, Lorraine Hansberry, August Wilson and Tyler Perry.

Rory chased his dream of entertaining readers with his unique storytelling style and released a series of steamy novels, Get N’ Serious, Yadira’s Sky and Getting Serious Too. Rory went on to pen 4 stage plays, 4 novels and 3 short films. He debuted his first musical, Be a Lion in 2013. Be a Lion has been getting rave revues across the nation including an offer to perform in South Africa. His second stage play is true and dear to his heart. The 2016 Chicago's Taste of Theater award winning stage play Boys to Baghdad is loosely based off of his

experience of joining the Army and serving in Desert Shield/Storm.

Rory has attended Temple University and Central Piedmont Community College where he majored in Business and Theater. He is conscious of standing on the shoulders of his ancestors as well as his mentor the late great Shelly Garrett. He currently resides in Charlotte, NC.

Rory plans to pull the fascination from his sleeve once again with the debut of two forthcoming stage plays, “Henry” and “Speak Easy.”

“Speak Easy” takes place in Reading, PA in 1978. Raised in a strict Christian household, Virginia decides to take control of her life, starting with unlearning everything she was taught how a woman should be. I am black, I am proud, I am strong and I am woman-- respect that! Opting out of her marriage and facing losing house she grew up in due to unpaid taxes are on the brighter side of things. Having reservations, she gives in to the idea of starting a Speakeasy. That is when all hell breaks loose. Things get worse before they get better reigns true, but not before she meets someone who loves her for her.

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