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Six Reasons To Register for Summer Camp at Matthews Playhouse

The lazy, hazy days of summer are almost here! For some children, summer break means sleeping in and staying home. For others, summer is a time to challenge themselves with new and different activities and developing skills. If you know a child who would benefit from a new experience in a fun and supportive environment, Matthews Playhouse Summer Camp 2022 is the place to be! With themed camps for ages 4–18 years old, children can participate in full or half-day camps during the months of June, July, and August!

With our 25-year track record of serving children in the community, Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts has proven itself to be one of the best places in the South Charlotte, Mecklenburg, and Union County areas for Summer Camp fun and learning!

There are many reasons to register your child for summer camp, but here are the top six:

#1- Instruction by Actual Theatre Professionals

The Matthews Playhouse Summer Camp staff features some of our region’s most respected theatre professionals. Your child will receive instruction from professional choreographers, theatre educators, actors, and directors who will pass along valuable lessons for up-and-coming performers based on years of experience working in performing arts companies all over the country.

#2- MPH is a Safe & Supportive Environment

We make a point to make sure that every child who attends our summer camp program feels welcome and accepted for who they are. Our staff of theatre professionals and educators understand that each child is different, and make a point to meet them “where they are”. Our programming is designed to build confidence with challenging yet positive instruction and activities that encourage healthy social interactions.

#3- Our Fun Summer Camp Themes are THE BEST

Call us crazy, but we think Summer Camp should be FUN!!! Yes, camp can be fun AND enriching, and that is why take great pains to make sure there is something for everyone at Matthews Playhouse. We offer a range of summer camp themes like Encanto, Princess Fearless, Lego Masters, Dungeons and Dragons, Harry Potter, Disney Villains, Paw Patrol, Mulan and the Warriors, Bluey, Dinosaur Train, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hamilton, Spider-Man, Musical Theater Dance, Hotel Transylvania, Mary Poppins Meets Annie, My Little Pony and more!

#4-Enriching Activities Build Self Worth

Multiple studies have linked a background in performing arts to more confidence and a greater sense of self-awareness in children. “Participating in theatre and taking classes gave me a sense of my place in the world,” says MPH Managing Director Sarah Baumgardner. “It opened my eyes to different stories, people, opportunities, and ideas that I might not have otherwise known existed. My experience in lessons, classes, and in productions shaped me into the person that I am today, and I am proud of the adult that I have become.”

#5- Helps to Develop Valuable Communication Skills

The performing arts encourage children to pay attention to their speech, diction, and choice of words. “Kids who study theatre have unique access to language benefits, including better use of language, story comprehension, creative writing skills, and reading skills,” says American Theatre magazine. The steps one has to take in preparing for a performance, whether it is memorizing lines, learning music and/or practicing choreography, are wonderful lifelong skills that will serve your child for years to come. “From a very young age, theatre taught me how to prepare for and engage an audience,” says Baumgardner. “As a result, I am more comfortable speaking in public and presenting at conferences, large and small groups, religious groups, advisory boards and more.”

#6 Lifelong Memories

Last, but not least, your child will make new memories they will always remember. The performing arts encourage kids to work together as a team, which boosts self-esteem and encourages fun, laughter and meaningful interactions with fellow campers and instructors they will always treasure. Most kids probably won’t remember the experience of sitting at home staring at a screen as well as they will remember that special opportunity to “shine” on stage in front of friends and family.

Spaces are filling up FAST, so register today! Read more about the many benefits the performing arts can have on your child.


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