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Matthews Playhouse Announces New Performing Arts Classes for 2023-2024 Season

Fall 2023 & Winter 2024 Performing Arts Classes for Youth to Include Acting, Private Vocal Lessons, Technical Theatre and More!

(Matthews, NC) - Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts is pleased to announce new additions to its upcoming 2023-2024 School of Theatre class roster. Known for its popular theatre education programs and live performances for young people, thousands of children in the South Charlotte, Mecklenburg, and Union County region have benefited from performing arts classes and productions at Matthews Playhouse since launching in the mid-1990s. “Our acting classes and student productions are unique because they are led by some of our region’s most respected theatre professionals,” says Matthews Playhouse Education Director, Stefanie Nicholson. “Our students receive instruction from professional choreographers, theatre educators, actors, and directors who pass along valuable lessons for up-and-coming performers based on years of experience working in performing arts companies all over the country.”

Here are some of the new offerings that have been announced by the theatre:

  • Private Vocal Lessons (space is limited): Children in grades 3-12 and adults are eligible to receive private vocal lessons from highly qualified instructors who will teach vocal skills including breath control, matching pitch, finding harmony, musical theatre audition prep, coaching for current musical productions, and more. Vocal instructors can individualize lessons and will recommend materials as needed.for 3rd grade and up . Learn more about private vocal lessons at Matthews Playhouse.

  • Technical Theatre Instruction for 9-12th Grade: This program will teach students the basics of design and how theatrical artists create imaginary worlds on stage. Students will work one-on-one with Matthews Playhouse Technical Director, Marty Wolff to build skills in hands-on stagecraft techniques and discover technology, terminology and techniques used by theatrical designers. Learn more about Technical Theatre Instruction at Matthews Playhouse (scroll to the bottom)

Registrations for the 2023-2024 Matthews Playhouse School of Theatre classes are now underway. Classes for the Fall Semester will begin in early September 2023 and will continue for 10 weeks through mid-November 2023. Winter classes will begin in early-mid January 2024 and will continue through mid March, 2024. Parents who want to learn more about the School of Theatre classes and/or register their children may do so by going to


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