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"Who’s Who” on the Matthews Playhouse Summer Camp Staff

If you know a child who would benefit from a new experience in a fun and supportive environment, Matthews Playhouse Summer Camp 2022 is the place to be! With themed camps for ages 4–18 years old, children can participate in full or half-day camps during the months of June, July, and August!

The Matthews Playhouse of the Performing Arts is known for its outstanding live theatre productions, which have delighted audiences in the greater Charlotte region for more than 2 decades. But we’re also known for our outstanding Summer Camp sessions, which have served thousands of children in our region since Matthews Playhouse began in 1995. We won’t go into all the reasons why Summer Camp at Matthews Playhouse is among the best in the state (here are six just in case you’re curious), but in this post, we’re highlighting our Matthews Playhouse Summer Camp staff!

Our summer camp staff is made up of professional actors, directors, musicians, choreographers, theatre educators and former School of Theatre students who loved our program so much, they are back to pass along what they learned to the next generation. Keep reading to see “Who’s Who” on the Matthews Playhouse Summer Camp staff.

Meet the Matthews Playhouse Summer Camp Teachers!

Marisa Becker, Summer Camp Coordinator & Teacher

Marisa Becker is the Summer Camp Coordinator for Matthews Playhouse. She has been hard at work putting together these amazing camps for the Matthews/Charlotte community. Before joining, she was a preschool teacher and used her passion to create creative learning opportunities that have easily moved into doing the same for Matthews Playhouse. She loves music, traveling with her family, and all things nerdy. She truly believes that how much theater experience can enrich someone's life, and she is honored to be part of Matthews Playhouse summer camps!

Keetha B.

Keetha B. is an actress, director, playwright, writer, and theatre educator. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of Redeeming History Productions, a production company creating work that celebrates the marginalized global majority. She is a theatre teaching artist and has been working with K-12 students for over 15 years. Keetha B. strives to create space for all who wish to learn the craft of acting.

Jesse Buchanan

Jesse Buchanan has just returned to Charlotte after 6 years in Colorado. She has led dance schools and theatre programs for over 10 years, and still occasionally performs. Jesse has a passion for all things Theatre and Dance and can’t wait to share t